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Driving you to better attitude, training, and performance. 


A little of everything

The Competition Bootcamp is designed to improve and fine-tune all of the most important skills used in competitive action pistol shooting from the ground-up. 

You will learn the driving theories of these "big hitter" skills as well as being led and coached through dry-fire drills that can be used at home to continually improve and then live-fire drills to assess and address areas for improvement. 


Focus on one area of improvement

Competition Skills Clinics are designed to improve and fine-tune a single skillset used in competitive action pistol shooting, but the skills learned here translate to all pistol shooting.

About Us

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn how to get shots on target faster?


Welcome to Driven Tactical, one of the only training organizations of its kind - specifically, we fill the "training gap" that exists between the highly common "Intro" and "CCW" courses that are offered everywhere (heck, we'll even do them if you ask nicely) and the super-high-end academies and world-class shooter-instructors.


We exist to serve those who are in-between, and strive to provide a high value to those who aren't.


Our main drive is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become better shooters.


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I highly recommend regardless of your background. Learning 1 thing or several things in his course training can make such a huge improvement from novice to those who have competed for a few years.

Steven C (via Facebook)

I have 50+ days at Gunsite Academy, 11 days at Sig Sauer Academy, and 3 days at Tactical Performance Center since April 2012.


I would do this class again.  I found it that valuable.

Randy R. (via email)

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Call or Text 480.359.4896

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