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Focus on one area of improvement

Competition Skills Clinics are designed to improve and fine-tune a single skillset used in competitive action pistol shooting, but the skills learned here translate to all pistol shooting.

You don't have to be a superstar shooter, or a bad shooter, or an average shooter in order to make use of these improvements - You just have to be a shooter who wants to get better. Everybody can benefit from a second set of eyes coaching them through drills and skills. 

Each CSC will touch on a handful of topics such as safety, grip, heads-up shooting and the Driven attitude, but then switch to focusing on a single skills or small set of related skills. You will learn the theory behind use of and execution of this skill, and then be led and coached through dry-fire drills used to improve and practice this skill and finally with live-fire drills to assess for areas of biggest potential improvements. 

Each CSC will begin and end with an application of the skills learned to help students measure progress, and to give them a way to test continued progress over time. 

Focus topics at an individual clinic may include:

Reloading (with and without movement/cover/etc)

Competition specific "technical accuracy", i.e. grip technique, draw, and aiming methods

Movement into/out of shooting positions and stage planning

Time-pressure accuracy (Shooting under tough conditions on a timer)

Multiple target engagement, cadence and acceptable accuracy

Shooting around cover - Barricades, ports, boxes, oh my!

Any other topic that is requested!


Time: 4 hours range-time.

Cost: $100 per person per session

Minimum Attendance: 3

Maximum Attendance: 8

Ammo Requirement: 150-200 rounds

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