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Your first steps into the world of practical shooting sports (IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge and similar)

In this course, you will jump-start your understanding of competitive action pistol shooting and have a leg up on all of the other "new shooter"s. 

You will get this jumpstart by learning what the typical "new shooter" behaviors are, and how to avoid them to cut large chunks off of your stage times while also becoming comfortable with some of the lingo, common scoring systems, and knowing what action pistol disciplines use what types of equipment, what rules, and what skills are most heavily stressed in each.  


This course includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and/or semi-automatic pistols. Students will learn rules of thumb for shooting multiple targets efficiently, and basics of drawing from a holster reliably and quickly, and any other topics that come up during the course. 

It is recommended that students first complete an "Intro to Pistol Shooting" basic shooting class (does not need to be through Driven Tactical) and the Rio Salado Practical Shooting Starter Course prior to this class, or to have a good grasp of safety fundamentals of shooting and at least a touch of competitive shooting background before taking this course.

You will need a strong-side holster (without a retention device), two magazines for your pistol, and at least one belt mounted magazine pouch for this course. 


Time: Approximately 4 hours on-range.

Cost: $150 per person

Note: Nonrefundable Deposit of $75 per person is required to reserve space in class, and is included in the course fee.

Minimum Attendance: 3

Maximum Attendance: 8

Ammo Requirement: 150 rounds


Equipment rental and ammo (if necessary): $100

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