Competition Skills Clinic - April 25

Competition Skills Clinic - April 25

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Competition Skills Clinic Topic: Time-sensitive accuracy.


This course will be all about taking tight shots sooner and with more confidence. We will seek to understand the theory of "accurate enough", and talk about optimizing your point of aim to shoot "accurate enough" sooner and faster than ever!


Beginning and Ending Drill: Hostage Turkey

Standing at 10 yards, loaded pistol holstered, wrists below belt.

On signal, engage each of 3 USPSA targets arranged in a "turkey" format with two no-shoots with two rounds each.

Scoring: Limited, Hit Factor, 2 shots per target



Review of Heads-Up-Shooting System Basics

Accurate Enough

Aiming Circles

Time-vs-point optimization for hit-factor and time-plus scoring

  • Clinic Information

    Date: April 25

    Time: 1pm-5pm

    Location: Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Training Bay 2

    What to Bring:

    • Water
    • Good Attitude
    • Notepad/pen if you like taking notes
    • Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection
    • Water
    • Snacks if you like to snack
    • Your competition pistol/revolver in working condition
    • 150 rounds of ammunition for that gun
    • Holster (no holsters that require activation of a release with the trigger finger)
    • At least 2 magazine carriers
    • Belt to carry holster and magazine carriers
    • Water
    • 3+ magazines
    • Clothing appropriate for outdoor use, sunscreen, etc.
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    Non-refundable Deposit of $35 per person/clinic is included in the course fee. 

    If cancelled more than 72 hours prior to scheduled course start time, a full refund (minus any nonrefundable deposit) will be given. [E.G. - $120 course including a $30 deposit would be refunded $90 (100% x ($120-$30))]

    If cancelled between 24-72 hours prior to scheduled course start time, a 50% refund of the total (minus nonrefundable deposit) will be given. [E.G. - $120 course including a $30 deposit would be refunded $45 (50% x ($120-$30))]

    If cancelled less than 24 hours prior to scheduled course start time, no refunds will be given. 

    For the purposes of refunds, any discounts applied to the class will be treated as a reduction in the total price of the class. Any payments via gift certificate will be refunded as store credit prior to the issuance of refunds of credit card transactions.