Recommended Products

Here are a few products that I recommend for shooters at large.

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Competitive Advantage

You wouldn't be here if you didn't want an 'edge', right? Well, here are a few products that can help make bad situations more OK.

First up is a solution for all those sweaty palms. The Liquid Grip Combo Kit is a mix of chalk (the stuff rock climbers and weight lifters use), rosin (the stuff baseball pitchers use), and isopropyl alcohol (I don't have any quippy normal uses. it dries stuff out) in a handy carabiner-clipping travel container and a much bigger container for refilling.

Next up is a way to improve your grip on the other side of that sweat. My preferred grip strengthener is a GripMaster Pro. Available in a few different weights, I find 7-11lb for fingers is about right for shooting pistols. You can start lower if you've never trained for grip strength though!

Gripmaster Pro is my choice... but you can get all the way down to a 3lb per finger with the Normal Gripmaster

Range Bags

So, you've got a gun and some ammo and stuff like that, but now you need to tote it all to the range, carry it around competitions, etc. Ok, we've got you covered here, too.

My personal go-to bag is the VertX A-Range bag. It's a pretty sizable bag with a top compartment for PPE/comfort items, a lay-flat side that doubles as a work-surface and exposes a set of lower trays/pull-out boxes (which include mesh-bottom brass bags), and a top-opening pocket on the opposite side with hook-side velcro for attachment of Tactigami or other velcro pouches to the inner surface! Add in VertX's legendary build quality and robustness and you've got a bag that I can stand behind. They also make a somewhat smaller B-Range bag with most of the same features, just a bit smaller for shorter outings or folks who are less paranoid than I am on bringing loads of extra gear.

Vertx A-Range (Big Size) Bag

Vertx B-Range (Normal Size) Bag

Lead Decontamination

It's critical to keep lead from building up in your body for overall health and wellness. As shooters, we have an above-average exposure to lead and other heavy metals. I use LeadOff products from Hygenall to reduce the lead contamination of my hands and face after shooting. For the ultimate convenience, their wipes are fantastic and require no water or rinsing. For a more traditional soap, I use their foaming cleanser in both a range-bag size and larger sizes for home use after reloading or gun cleaning. Also, for cleaning a workbench after cleaning, I use the same LeadOff branded surface decontamination spray.

LeadOff Wipes

Compact (range bag sized) foaming soap

Surface Decontamination Spray

Safety Equipment

"Eyes and Ears" - Toss in some foam plugs and a cheap pair of glasses when 'good enough' is good enough. But, when you want to squeeze some performance out of your protection, you're going to want to start with some clear-er glasses and electronic muffs that make hearing range commands easier, hearing hits on steel easier, or even helping to keep you comfortable while keeping you safe! To me, it doesn't get a lot better than ESS glasses and MSA Sordin earpro (and yes, the gel seals are worth every penny).

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro : These are crazy comfortable 'over the head' type of earmuffs, with gel seals. Yes, these are the 'top' model that MSA puts out for plain earpro (Can also get communications stuff and whatnot built-in, but that doesn't help much for just shooting).

ESS Crossblade: It's on the army protective eyewear list. It's anti-fog. It's comfortable. And this kit has clear and dark lenses. Did I mention that they're rated to stop all sorts of random shrapnel and have even stopped buckshot in random youtube testing? (Check it out, the videos are fun). Keep your eyes safe, keep your vision clear, and keep yourself comfortable while you do it.

Okay, you want some new ears, but don't want to spend MSA money? The ubiquitous king of shooting sports electronic muffs is the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport. They come in all sorts of colors, are reasonably cheap and work well for protection and hearing range commands. They do 'clip' sound during gunfire however, so you might not always hear steel hits, and talking on an indoor

And, last but not least (okay, maybe least) are some foamies. I like Howard Leight again for the foamies. Low pressure in the ear canal, come in separated baggies with 1 pair in each, are bright green (COOL), and are pretty cheap. I keep a handful of these Howard Leight Max Lite Plugs in each range bag as a backup, some in the truck in case I go to a loud movie or sporting event randomly, in the garage for power tools and etc etc etc.