Competition Skills Clinic

The Driven Tactical Competition Skills Clinics are designed to improve and fine-tune skills used in competitive action pistol shooting, but the skills learned in these courses translate to all practical pistol shooting. These clinics are meant to fill the "training gap" that exists between basic pistol shooting/ccw courses and the high-end shooting classes/camps offered by many of the best shooters in the world (Contact me for recommendations if you are ready to take the step up into their courses). Many competitive shooters aren't ready to make use of the more advanced courses, but aren't going to benefit from the very basic courses. Instead, training with someone who will watch and coach improvements to your shooting style and comfort level. You don't have to be a bad shooter, or a good shooter to benefit. Everyone has something to gain from having a second set of eyes while they run drills.

All clinics will cover some topics, but each clinic will focus on a single skill or small set of skills and really work at those particular skills. You will learn the theory of these skills and their application, as well as be led and coached through dry-fire drills that can be used at home to continually improve, as well as live-fire drills to assess areas for improvement.

All clinics start with a quick refresher of building a strong shooting grip, safety rules, and ergonomic shooting techniques.

Each clinic will conclude with an application of the skills learned at student request. An appropriate course of fire will be chosen which uses the skills focused on in the clinic.

Topics which will be focused on at an individual clinic may include:

Reloading (with and without movement, cover, etc)

Competition specific grip technique, draw and aim plus target focus vs sight focus vs index shooting.

Movement into/out of shooting positions plus stage planning

Time-pressure accuracy (Shooting under tough conditions while on a timer)

Multiple target engagement - Steel and paper

Shooting around cover - Barricades, ports and boxes, oh my!

Anything else that you request!

Time: 4 hours range-time.

Cost: $60 per person per session

Minimum Attendance: 3

Maximum Attendance: 8

Ammo Requirement: 150-200 rounds

Equipment rental and ammo (if necessary): $100

Note: Nonrefundable Deposit of $20 required to reserve space in class.