• Dan

Odds and Ends in my Range Bag

So, over the years I've collected an assortment of helpful "things" in my range bag that people ask about, then they want to know where they can get them, etc etc.

So, this is where I'll keep the running list of that stuff:

First up is my "hand drying goop". I live in the desert. It gets hot. You get sweaty. All of a sudden your gun is just a little more slippery in-hand than mine. Why? Because I use Liquid Grip. It's a combination of all the things people use for "grip" enhancement, all in one bottle. I recommend the "combo kit", as it comes with a compact bottle that fits in your bag easily, and a larger one for refilling it.

Liquid Grip combo kit

Liquid Grip small bottle only

Liquid Grip refill bottle only


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