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Useful Reloading Tools

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Here are a few useful reloading tool recommendations, as requested by Thomas. Specifically, he was looking for a budget-friendly reloading scale and calipers, as well as some de-leading soap, so here's what I recommend:

Calipers that I use: The iGaging calipers are oil and solvent resistant, have great battery life (looking at you, harbor freight battery murderers), and are highly repeatable and accurate.

Scale that I used before I was given a Dillon that matches my press: The MTM compact reloading scale is small, comes with calibration weight and a case, and steadily reads out your bullet and powder weights with repeatable precision.

Deleading foaming soap that I use: for travel size bottles for on-the-go wipes that don't require water

and for at-home use with a large pump dispenser.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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