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Tactical Stroller Build

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Alrighty folks. Like so many before me, I've ventured into 3-gun and all of a sudden I find myself needing a way to lug around 3 guns, ammo for them, a cooler, supplies, gear, etc. I'm hoping to fit a soft cooler, 250rds of 12ga, 300rds of 5.56, and 300rds of 9mm, plus my PPE, range belt, some snacks, a range bag, compact video gear, a folding stool, and some extra clothing. MAYBE a sun-brella. And, I'd like it to be under $250 all-in.

And, like many others, I've decided to just give in and buy a stroller and some gun mounts. (Links below).

What I'm going to do a bit different though, is actually show you the process I use getting from stroller + gun mounts (Really gets you some weird product recommendations if you order them together) to tactical stroller!

Stroller I'm using (Yes, I paid extra for orange): Under $125 at time of writing

Gun mounts I'm using (Yes, I'm willing to leave backup guns in the car and don't have any friends that I'm willing to tote around gear for, so single gun mounts): Under $50 for 2x sets at time of writing.

So, after these come in, I'll make sure to get some stroller setup information, breakdown information, gun mounting steps, and whatever ridiculous things I decide to add onto it with the last $75 in my stroller budget!

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